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 Trevellers Cheques
An instrument which is similar to bearer cheque. You need not convert the same to cash, but can use it across the counters at shops, hotels and other establishments. We are one of leading distributors of American Express Travelers Cheques in India. We provide TC of American Express in all major currencies through our network of branches. Basis the volume of sales generated we have been consistently rewarded the American Express Summit Award - a recognition for high promoting sale of Amex Travelers Cheques.

Your best choice for currency would be that of the destination country. Travelers Cheques are available in:-
• US Dollar
• Euro
• British Pound Sterling
• Canadian Dollar
• Australian Dollar
Usage guidelines
Sign your cheque immediately at the upper left hand corner
• Keep the purchase receipt (PAF) mentioning the TC Nos. separately from traveler's cheque.
• At the time of encashing the traveler's cheque, sign at the bottom left hand corner
• Make note of the Traveler's cheque Nos. as and when it is encashed
On your return, unused traveler's cheque can be converted to cash at the competitive exchange rates across any of our branches.
If your traveler's cheques are lost or stolen, American Express will refund their face value provided:-
a) The lost cheques are signed by the purchaser at the top left hand corner.
b) Notify the issuer within 24 hours of the loss or theft of your cheques and the local police reporting the circumstances of the loss or theft.
c) Produce purchasers receipt (PAF) copy
d) Produce an acceptable proof of your identify at the time of making your refund claim
e) Complete the appropriate refund claim documents to reasonable satisfaction and sign them in good faith.
f) Agree to cooperate in investigation of the loss or theft and in any resulting prosecution.
g) However the issuer reserves the right to delay refunds during investigation of the loss or theft and will not be liable for any loss or expense caused by such delay. In addition, your cheques will not be refunded by the issuer if they have been seized or confiscated by the state, government, customs, revenue, police, military or other such officials or personnel. The issuer shall not be obliged to stop payment of your  traveler's cheques for any reason whatsoever