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Board of Directors

Mr. Prakash H. Gadiya
Chairman Managing Director

As Managing Director, RTG Group, Mr. Prakash is responsible for leading the highly strategic and rapidly developing operations for RTG Group. However, Mr. Prakash feels that the real challenge lies in growing in competency rather than just in revenue. At RTG Mr. Prakash focuses on execution, sales, marketing and management, apart from having a bird's eye view on the scheme of things and serving on the Board of Directors as well.

His thoughts are numerous. His words are measured. His careful gait, dynamics of approach and that reassuring smile are in stark contrast to his sharpened mind which seems to tick faster than a proactive time bomb. Fighting the battles of mediocrity and purposelessness and urging his troops into excellence

He is equally dedicated towards furthering social causes, and frequently participates in many such activities. The company holds camps for blood donation and for free health and eye checkup. Many organizations benefit from his sturdy support and dedicated efforts. Under his able guidance, RTG Group is sure to attain the zenith of success

Mr. Kalpesh P Gadiya
Director – Business Development
As the dependable Leader, Mr. Kalpesh ensures that all the departments in all the companies of the group function flawlessly. Though this is an extremely challenging task, Mr. Gadiya proficiently channelizes his energies in various directions to supervise the day to day working of all the companies. His expertise in rendering the managerial duties, coupled with his ability to understand the complexities of business makes him the perfect pillar of support for the entire group.

Mr. Kalpesh has considerable experience in the money exchange business, as well as construction domain. He implements various strategies and leads the changes that the company goes through. Within the human resources field, he acquires new talent and introduces team building initiatives. In the technological sphere, Mr. Gadiya is responsible for building processes and systems for sound operation of the companies. He also takes care of the marketing aspect, and promotes the group companies through participation in exhibitions and trade shows.

Working in close collaboration with the CMD, Mr. Kalpesh sets the objectives for the group, and executes the plans to achieve them; thus, leading RTG Group towards relentless growth.