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 Calling Cards
A Prepaid Calling Card for international travelers from India to call across the world from 100+ countries at very economical rates (90% discounted rates as compared to roaming charges).   
Key Benefits
  • Toll free access to over 100 countries
  • Superior connections and voice quality (Not a VOIP)
  • 24x7 Operators & Customer Service Support
  • Currency neutral depletion in units
  • Get full talk time and long term validity
    This card is not meant to initiate calls from India Roaming charges will be incurred if it is used from an India based cellular subscription
    How to use?
    Access can be through one of the following means from the respective call originating countries:
  • Fixed Line (touch tone or non-DTMF phones).
  • Mobile Phones
  • Payphone
  • 1. Dial the Access Number for the country you are in
    2. At the chime, enter the PIN number printed on the back of your card
    3. Follow the voice instructions to enter Country Code + City Code + Telephone Number
    4. Alternatively, wait for an Operator to complete your call.

  • Freedom from roaming charges
  • Access to telecom facilities in multiple countries
  • Convenience of having the card prior to traveling abroad
  • Economical calls to India and other countries
  • Keep in touch with friends, family and business associates